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Request Forms

Enter a keyword to find a form for your request. If you cannot find a form, submit a generic request.

Request the creation of a College username and email address - others
Request the creation of a username and email address for external auditors
Accessibility RTP signoff request after accessibility check complete
Add new network socket(s)
Add or change the registration details of a computer register, registration
Add user to SSH gateway
Add, delete or amend a Module or Group record in CELCAT, the Academic timetabling and room booking system.
Amendment of Short Course/Payment Link WPM store estore payment
ASK - Subscribe to Major Incident Email Notifications incidents alerting alert alerts notify
ASK - Subscribe to Major Incident SMS Notifications
ASK - Unsubscribe from Major Incident Email or SMS Notifications incidents alerting alert alerts notify
Blackboard Learn support request
Book the ICT training room, s204 Central Library
ClaroRead Plus
Contractor VPN Form
Enhance an IT Service enhancement idea suggestion
Extend username and email address
Generic form for requests not specified elsewhere general, other
Helix Media Library area request form
I have an issue with my timetable - ICT Timetabling Support Page Celcat Timetabling Timetable Troubleshoot iCalendar MyCalendar
Mac Mountain Lion OS Upgrade
Make an existing network socket live network socket live activate port line data
New Exchange distribution list
New Hosted Server hosted hosting server data centre datacentre rack racking
New Mailman list for Imperial and Students Union staff distribution, dl
New user (write access) and installation request for CELCAT timetabling software celcat optime eventmap timetabling timetable
Office 365 - Support and Training Request
Panopto access request
Panopto Batch Creation (staff only)
Panopto general enquiry
Printer paper and ink cartridges printing print
RCS Account Creation Request HPC RCS account
RCS Application Error HPC RCS CX1 CX2 AX4
RCS General Enquiry HPC RCS Support
RCS Impact Success Story RCS Impact success
RCS Software Install Request HPC RCS cluster CX1 CX2 AX4
Registration of self-bought software license licenses licensing licences
Report a Catering system fault tills, cosmic, cater, yoyo, pdq
Report a Discoverer Fault
Report incorrect Web content
Request a new Imperial branded blog
Request a new ASK form
Request a new Blackboard Learn course
Request a new departmental SharePoint site
Request a new Group Space shared drive departmental file storage group space
Request a new Wiki confluence
Request a security certificate
Request a shared mailbox or role account new email address
Request a Workspace on Box folder Box Workspace File sharing Public files
Request Access to ICA ICA request access
Request access to or reset my password for Nimbus Tibco Nimbus Process BPA
Request activation of AutoCalEx (CELCAT)
Request additional space for an existing Group Space
Request admin rights on a computer
Request an email alias
Request an entry in Outlook for room booking
Request an Imperial username for students from other universities
Request an ITIL training course
Request computer OS upgrade (Windows, Mac, Linux). Linux, Red Hat, Ubuntu, Fedora
Request Creation of New Short Course/Payment Link WPM store estore payment
Request email enabling for a SharePoint 2010 site
Request for access to group or shared drive
Request for computer and hardware installations new pc computer install installation setup windows linux reinstall
Request home directory (H drive) quota increase quota quotas limit limits increase add extra more
Request provision of Audio Visual (AV) equipment
Request quota increase for email quota quotas limit limits increase add extra more
Request software for use on a Library or Teaching Cluster PC
Request support for tills, digital signage and credit card machines
Request to add new staff/student record to CELCAT celcat optime eventmap timetabling timetable add delete new
Request to carry out an accessibility check on a new application
Request to encrypt a laptop or desktop encryption, encrypt, encrypted, bitlocker
Request to host new software license for RCS systems HPC license server flexlm
Request to move catering tills tills, cosmic, cater, yoyo, pdq
Request to purchase a printer
Request to set up a new College website
Request to upload resource list to CELCAT Upload Celcat Timetabling Timetable
Request upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 Upgrade, operating system, OS, windows, windows xp, old, replace update re-install re install reinstall
Research Software Engineering Enquiry RSE Research Software Engineering
SharePoint Fault Report
Sherfield Visitors to ICT
Skype for Business Request Lync instant messaging
Software installation request Packaging package software deploy teaching cluster machines install upgrade sw
Subscribe to the ICT Service Bulletin
Telecoms - Class of service enquiry
Telecoms - Order a BT line/ ISDN2
Telecoms - Report a telephone fault
Turnitin Access Request (staff only)
Unsubscribe from the ICT Service Bulletin
Update list of your Departmental Contacts
User account for GPs
Web exception request
WebPA support request

Current status

All services are working fine

Contact ICT

The ICT Service Desk

ICT website

Open Mon - Fri 8.30am - 6pm

020 7594 9000

Level 1 Central Library, South Kensington

Other locations

  • Charing Cross Campus
    • Opening times: 12:30pm - 1:30pm Monday - Friday
    • Location: LG03 Reynolds building
  • Chelsea and Westminster Campus
    • Opening times: Monday - Friday (by appointment only)
    • Location:Library (Lower Ground floor)
  • Hammersmith Campus
    • Opening times: 1pm - 2pm Monday - Friday
    • Location: Room BS22 basement of Commonwealth building
  • Royal Brompton Campus
    • Opening times: Monday - Friday (by appointment only)
    • Location: G216
  • Silwood Park
    • Location: Room 1.11, Hamilton Building (first floor)
  • St Mary's Campus
    • Opening times: 1pm - 2pm, Monday - Friday
    • Location: Computer Unit, South Wharf Road

Planned maintenance

Changes happening today

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22-03-2018 09:30:49 - 22-03-2018 15:30:58
6 hours
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22-03-2018 10:00:00 - 23-03-2018 16:00:00
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22-03-2018 19:30:24 - 28-03-2018 20:30:57

Ongoing changes

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ICIS will be unavailable from Wednesday 17:00 until 02:00 Thursday morning for technical maintenance. Please try again later.
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21-03-2018 17:00:00 - 22-03-2018 02:00:00
8 hours
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21-03-2018 09:30:19 - 22-03-2018 06:30:24
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12-03-2018 10:00:00 - 22-03-2018 15:00:00
None - no longer used.
Start / Finish
12-03-2018 09:00:00 - 25-03-2018 10:13:00
Start / Finish
26-02-2018 11:00:00 - 26-03-2018 18:00:00
no downtime required to affected clients

Changes happening tomorrow

Start / Finish
23-03-2018 22:00:00 - 28-03-2018 09:00:00
5 hours 23/3 and 1 hour 28/3